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/* $Id: main.h,v 1.69 2005/01/18 06:19:46 prahl Exp $ */

#if defined(UNIX)
#define ENVSEP ':'
#define PATHSEP '/'

#if defined(MSDOS) || defined(OS2)
#define ENVSEP ';'
#define PATHSEP '\\'

#if defined(VMS)
#define ENVSEP ','
#define PATHSEP ''

#if defined(MAC_CLASSIC)
#define ENVSEP '^'
#define PATHSEP ':'
#include "MainMain.h"

#define strdup my_strdup

#ifndef SEEK_SET
#define SEEK_SET 0
#define SEEK_CUR 1

#define ERROR 0
#define WARNING 1


/* available values for alignment */
#define LEFT        'l'
#define RIGHT       'r'
#define CENTERED  'c'
#define JUSTIFIED 'j'

#define PATHMAX 255

/*** error constants ***/
#include <assert.h>
#include <stdio.h>

/*** interpret comment lines that follow the '%' with this string ***/
extern const char  * InterpretCommentString;

typedef int       bool;

void              diagnostics(int level, char *format,...);

extern                  char *g_aux_name;
extern                  char *g_toc_name;
extern                  char *g_lof_name;
extern                  char *g_lot_name;
extern                  char *g_bbl_name;
extern                  char *g_home_dir;
extern                  char *progname;               /* name of the executable file */

extern bool       GermanMode;
extern bool       FrenchMode;
extern bool       RussianMode;
extern bool       CzechMode;
extern bool       pagenumbering;
extern int        headings;

extern int        g_verbosity_level;
extern int        RecursionLevel;

/* table  & tabbing variables */
extern long       pos_begin_kill;
extern int        tabcounter;
extern int        g_equation_column;
extern int        tabcounter;

extern bool       twocolumn;
extern bool       titlepage;

extern bool       g_processing_equation;
extern bool       g_processing_preamble;
extern bool       g_processing_figure;
extern bool       g_processing_table;
extern bool       g_processing_tabbing;
extern bool       g_processing_tabular;
extern bool       g_processing_eqnarray;
extern int        g_processing_arrays;
extern int        g_processing_fields;
extern int        g_dots_per_inch;

extern int        g_document_type;
extern int        g_document_bibstyle;

extern bool       g_fields_use_EQ;
extern bool       g_fields_use_REF;

extern int        g_equation_number;
extern bool       g_escape_parens;
extern bool       g_show_equation_number;
extern int        g_enumerate_depth;
extern bool       g_suppress_equation_number;
extern bool       g_aux_file_missing;
extern bool       g_bbl_file_missing;
extern char       g_charset_encoding_name[20];
extern int        g_fcharset_number;
extern int      g_graphics_package;
extern int      g_amsmath_package;

extern char       *g_figure_label;
extern char       *g_table_label;
extern char       *g_equation_label;
extern char       *g_section_label;
extern char       *g_config_path;
extern char       *g_script_dir;
extern char       g_field_separator;
extern char       *g_preamble;

extern double     g_png_equation_scale; 
extern double     g_png_figure_scale;
extern bool       g_latex_figures;
extern bool       g_endfloat_figures;
extern bool       g_endfloat_tables;
extern bool       g_endfloat_markers;

extern bool       g_equation_inline_rtf;
extern bool       g_equation_display_rtf;
extern bool       g_equation_inline_bitmap;
extern bool       g_equation_display_bitmap;
extern bool       g_equation_comment;
extern bool     g_equation_raw_latex;

extern bool       g_tabular_display_rtf;
extern bool       g_tabular_display_bitmap;

extern bool       g_little_endian;
extern bool       g_tableofcontents;

void fprintRTF(char *format, ...);
void putRtfCharEscaped(char cThis);
void putRtfStrEscaped(const char * string);
char *getTmpPath(void);
char *my_strdup(const char *str);
FILE *my_fopen(char *path, char *mode);

void debug_malloc(void);

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