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 * Description: Contains declarations for generic recursive parsering
 * routines and other help routines for parsing LaTeX code
 * 26th June 1998 - Created initial version - fb                            LEG
 * 070798 adapted Frank Barnes contribution to r2l coding conventions SAP

char  *CurrentFileName(void);
int         PushSource(const char * filename, const char * string);
int         StillSource(void);
void  PopSource(void);

char  getRawTexChar(void);
char  getTexChar(void);
char  getNonSpace(void);
char  getNonBlank(void);
int   getSameChar(char c);

void  ungetTexChar(char c);

void  skipToEOL(void);
void  skipSpaces(void);
void  skipWhiteSpace(void);

void  CmdIgnoreParameter(int);
void    CmdInclude(int code);
char  *getBraceParam(void);
char    *getBraceRawParam(void);
char  *getLeftRightParam(void);
char  *getBracketParam(void);
char  *getSimpleCommand(void);
char  *getTexUntil(char * target, int raw);
char    *getSpacedTexUntil(char *target, int raw);
int   getDimension(void);
void  parseBrace(void);
char  *getDelimitedText(char left, char right, bool raw);

int   CurrentLineNumber(void);
void  PushTrackLineNumber(int flag);
void  PopTrackLineNumber(void);
void  UpdateLineNumber(char *s);
void  EndSource(void);
int   CurrentFileDescriptor(void);
int   getParserDepth(void);

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